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About Chittam Technology Solutions, LLC

Our Mission

At Chittam Technology Solutions, LLC, we will be fair and honest in all we do.  All too often, people who don’t know any better get taken advantage of when it comes to computers and websites. A 15-minute tweak on a website could cost hundreds of dollars. A greedy website agency could sell a website that is much more than a business needs. An “unlimited” web hosting plan suddenly has limits and is not very reliable. 

We can make a great website that meets your needs and your budget. We do not have a one size fits all website plans because each customer has different needs. Web hosting has to have limits, so our packages have clear guidelines that explain those limits. We will make an individual quote for each client that details what is included and who will do what. If you even have a problem, just email [email protected] and we will quickly resolve the problem. This is our promise to you and to each current and potential customer.


Chittam Technology Solutions, LLC was started by John Chittam in July, 2018. John has been researching website design and development for several years and is currently a computer science major at University of West Georgia. We are local to the Atlanta area and support our community and local businesses.


Whether you are looking web design, website building, web hosting, domain research, or something else, we can help you out! The websites we design are modern, our web hosting is super fast and reliable, and we can help you find the perfect domain. If you’re not sure if we can do something, just ask!


“My website is so slow!” “Why is my web host so unreliable?” “I want to talk to a human.”

Does this sound familiar? We have friendly, helpful customer service and fast, reliable web hosting. If an issue does come up, we work hard to fix it.

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